Ignorance is funny

This is somewhat hard to watch as an African-American. However, I would be lying if I told you I did not find this to be absolute COMEDY!!!!!! the last few parts are the best.

Enjoy. Engage. React.


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3 Responses to Ignorance is funny

  1. Daé Lovely says:

    i dig this guy. some folks think that the ‘remix’ version to this report is exploitation. do you agree?

  2. Dae, I don’t know if I would label this instance exploitation. By definition, exploitation is ” the use of a person in an unfair or selfish way.” I think if you give an interview under your own volition, you voluntarily open yourself up the full breadth of exposure and criticism. Had someone standing by recorded this with a video phone and the same thing happened, I would say that is closer to exploitation.

  3. john cadengo says:

    the remix version is just another segment of auto tune the news. they auto tune everything they come across, whether white or black or otherwise. that’s not exploitation. that’s opportunity. and as fabrice has pointed out, by willingly giving an interview, you’ve opened yourself up to the public eye, and to the opportunity to be auto-tuned.

    p.s. hello fabrice. like the blog. keep writing!

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