There is an old adage that states  “whatever doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.” What trials , and challenges that don’t bend your will and fire, will ultimately lead to a better you. In the case of Lebron James, we may never see his full strength. In the aftermath of the marketing debacle, labeled “ the  decision”, Michael Wilbon had this to say: “Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but what happened to sticking it out one team?” Office GM Otis  Smith of the Orlando  Magic was surprised by the move stating, “ I thought he was more of a competitor.”

-athletic supply and demand

In the realm of basketball, greatness derives out what I will call an “athletic supply and demand.” For each superstar, the “supply” for greatness ( a display of mastery despite overwhelming odds) derives from the demand (relative skillset) of the team. In short, you will perform at a superior level for the most part when it is needed from you most. One of the greatest displays of this theory is shown game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals.

When your starting point Guard is Eric Snow, you have some issues. When that Guard is playing against Chauncey Billups, you have an embarrassment waiting to happen. These disproportioned comparisons go right down the line: Hamilton vs. Larry Huges, Ben Wallace vs. Anderson Varajao…etc. Lebron was the only real talent amidst a team that had a huge demand. James went on to win the game with one of the most dominant performances I have seen. James scored the last 25 point for the cavaliers including a game winner in 2nd overtime.Although the Cavs went on to be swept in the Finals, that game showed how great Lebron could become.

With this creation of this Dream team, Lebron will no longer be faced with such a demand. With a finals mvp and another all star, the relative skill set on paper, rivals many of the teams in the NBA.  Lebron James show us with joining  Wade & Bosh, he doesn’t want to beat the greats, but rather win at any cost, even if that includes joining all the best talent in the league.  It doesn’t bug Lebron that he can’t win by himself. The greats have always had an egocentric obsession with doing it by myself; and out of this were borne the many great performances. Lebron not only cheated himself out of the chance to be great, but the next era of basketball fans. When Kobe is gone. Arguably the two best players in the league, Wade and Lebron will be sharing points, assist and the chance of being the man. My Forecast, Kevin Durant is the next big thing.

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