Power to the people

Thoughts I have

Black community has long lamented in the ongoing search for the politician to “feels our pain.” In analyzing our this statement, I asked myself, “ what pain?” I am not ignorant to the inequalities that the black community faces today; I myself have seen the ugly face of hatred and bigotry. Yet, the pain the we speak of now is infinitesimal relative to that of the past. NAACP member Prentice McKinney fought for civil rights in marches and rallies. McKinney states that “back then, the enemy was clear, it was white racist , and racist police officers.” “ It was a legalized system of segregation.” Now, when I conjure some thought of pain in the modern day, I seem lost for words. I will never experience the pain of being shot with bean bags or attacked by police dogs. People will not spit on me and call me nigger. I have not and will not have to fear being lynched. My right to vote is protected by the constitution, and my choices of dining are not hindered by the color of my skin. When I think of this plight, I feel lost for words as to what pain I long for some politician to feel.

I myself do don’t define myself or my accomplishes by partisan constructs . no republican or democrat is responsible for the man I am today. I am a product of my family, and my upbringing. In light of this statement, I remain befuddled by the Michael Dysons and the Al sharpton’s of the world. Bill cosby made comment referring to the culture and lack of values in the black community” cosby talks about how we plan to progress as a people when we have “shaniqua” and shaliqua, running around by $500 sneakers, yet wont spend $250 on hooked on phonics. Dyson’s response to this comment was “ I’m not worried about shaniqua and Talique, I’m worried about Clarence and Condelezza who can hurt us in high places.” I am confused as to how a black supreme court Justice and the secretary of state can be a detriment to the thinking of young black America. On the other hand, you have political demagogues like reverend Al sharpton, who pray on the poor and disenfranchised with our community constantly preaching for handouts and reparations. We don’t need forty acres and a mule what we need is education and to change our culture. How can we blame the white man for our plight, yet portray our women in videos as “bitches” and “hos”. This belief that our progress will come with repayment from the white man, undermines the ability and social capital that we posses. Excessive dependence on social programs lead to subjugation and ironically animosity towards a certain political party and race.

The beginning to change lies in reinforcing proper priorities and values. A culture fueled by materialism, slothfulness and a lack of emphasis for education will never progress. I put in bold emphasis because this starts in the house. The lack of proper of educational venues should be brought to light and fixed by the government . this should be our plea.

For the most part, the hand of racism has been fettered by new government and the fight of civil rights activist before us. The power lies in our hands. Its time to take charge and stop the blame. I say all this because, the only pain I feel is when I see my own without a job, unable read and not giving a damn about tomorrow. These are the thought I have.
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