Immigration Reform

Arizona SB 1070. After reading this law, I thought I would give my own commentary on this bill.

In Regards to the submitted senate bill 1070 , I am somewhat torn in my views . I am an advocate for the bill because of what is does: keeps out illegal immigrants, and  deters the adverse byproducts that come with it. ( drug trafficking, human trafficking etc. ) However,  the implementation of the bill  and its mandates draw fine line between racial profiling and enacting the law.

The main issue that I believe is being resolved by the bill is the tax burden. We have illegal immigrants  pulling on the resources provided by tax dollars, yet none of the illegals are contributing  financially.  The schools are being over populated with  illegals  who don’t provide tax dollars to compensate for the influx of  students.  I’m not a proponent for the “ taking our jobs” argument, because most of the menial arduous task that these people do are back breaking. I know I don’t want to do it.  Furthermore, from an economical standpoint, we stand to lose the “wealth effect” which is caused by low wages which keeps products (agricultural, service jobs, etc. ) at  competitive prices. I also don’t see illegal immigration  it as fair  to people  who go through the  proper process to enter this country.

Now, with this being said, how do you implement this law without  being unjust  in doing so? Sb 1070 requires that all illegals carry paper work stating the purpose for being whether that be for work or any other purpose.  compounding that,  Cops are to  abide by “reasonable suspicion and probable cause in stopping someone who they feel that is outside the law. What this limits officers to is traffic infractions, suspicion of driving under the influence and all other traffic mandates and rules; technically an officier can’t stop someone for being an illegal Mexican. I feel that these guidelines are so constricting, it is bound to lead to unscrupulous stops based on “traffic infractions” but truly based on a hunch. ( race) the legal precedent for illegal searches is terry v. ohio which reinforces the fourth amendment. The question that I propose is are illegal immigrants privy to the constitution given that they are not citizens? With that being said, if you don’t know for sure whether the person is or is not a legal citizen, you have to proceed as if they are.

I’ m thinking  that the best remedy is to go after the employers. You freeze the cashflow, you can somewhat put a stop through financial attrition.    This new law is tricky. I have to say I agree with the intrinsic purpose of the law; in implementation is hard.

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