So I’m writing this post from my phone at lax. The day has finally arrived; I’m on my way to new york. I haven’t been this excited since I left for spain my junior year of college. The plan is to find a job in the finance sector, find a cool church, meet some new people and enjoy life. We’ll see how it plays out.

I have always loved the airport. The energy from everyone coming and going is infectious. It is the perfect confluence of the literal and figurative idea of escape and exploration.

My hope is that from this move, the newly-found independence and new city expedite the process of purpose. My dad told me in a conversation we had earlier this week that ” you are not going to new york to find a career, but rather to find purpose.” This is my desire; to find, my passion; the one occupation that will have me so enveloped… I won’t be able to sleep. I never want to just work to pay bills, but rather to because what I do makes me happy. Happiness is not a pursuit. But rather a byproduct of having purpose. The goal of being in new york, meeting new people, even writing my thoughts in this blog, is to find my purpose. Hopefully I’m able to reach that goal. We’ll that’s my last post from california. Sorry for the fragmented thoughts; its been a long day. I’m going to take a nap.



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