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Book list

don’t know if anyone cares but here is my book list There are so many more but this is what i’m focusing on closing out 2010 and going into 2011. 1. The Bible 2.Democratic Vistas-Walt whitman 3.The general theory of … Continue reading

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city life

So I have been in new york for about 60 days; it has been a pretty good adjustment. I am really getting used to navigating around the city without getting lost, working at the restaurant is becoming easier, and I … Continue reading

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george washington square (downtown nyc)

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Poem “Hate”

I hate the word I love you. I know it’s a phrase, but lost in it’s intoxication, Sounds as if one word pouring from your lips. Its’ meaning causes confusion and as if an illusion…..i’m scared to follow. Weary of … Continue reading

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halal carts

These carts have some good food. This one cart I’ve been frequenting on w.44th and 5th.

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wool Sperrys

These shoes are so clean. probably can’t wear them now in the winter. Spring though……

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No tea for me.

the recent content with capital hill has bred a new quasi-political party; the tragedy that is the tea party. It is not hard to understand how such trite senile blather can garner such support. I mean, I know we have … Continue reading

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