Dont’ drop the soap

Don’t. Drop. The. Soap.
This permutation of four words carry a weight unlike any other for all men. It’s message is ecumenical. Whether a man has done hard time, or a law abiding citizen, the prescience is the same: lose the soap….lose your manhood. Yesterday at work, I heard another phrase that to me, carried the same weight.

During our morning briefing at DB Bistro (the restaurant I work at), Paul the General Manager, was going over how to properly clear a table. As he went through the intricacies of clearing a table, he kept asking the staff, ” what is rule number one?” The staff replied Don’t. Drop. Anything. Being the new guy I was already alert, but hearing these words as he looked at me put the fear of god in me. Now it may seem that clearing a table is no big deal, but when you have to clear the entire table every time you remove silverware. Along with clearing from the right, ladies fist, while proceeding clockwise around the table…it gets a little stressful. Being a rookie, every table clearing is like shooting game-winning free throws. So on my first day, of busing by myself, I. approached my first table with some apprehension. I approached the men at table 12 position 1 and 2 and said, ” may I,” the man gave me the green light. I grabbed the plate at position two from the right hand side. With the same caution, I grabbed the plate of position two. As I walked away I noticed I had not secured a rogue knife that was shaking loose on one of the plates. I was terrified; dropping loosing this knife would be disastrous; the sheer thought made my hand shake; and there it went. I could have sworn that knife took 10 seconds to hit the ground. As it made it’s descent, I thought of losing my job, all the other busers laughing at me and teasing me in spanish, not yet understanding that i Am conversational in spanish. It wouldn’t matter by the time they realized that fact, I would be fired. When the knife finally hit the floor, two people looked at me and a buser quickly helped me out. I proceeded to the kitchen and that was that. I’m actually glad I dropped something right off the bat. It was embarrassing but it’s over and now I can move on. This optimistic sentiment would not be the same had I been talking about dropping the soap in the prison showers, but think the lord it was just. A knife in the city.


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