The permutations of possibilities

Happiness is not a pursuit, buy rather a byproduct of being in purpose.I want to be in purpose

Is it weird to think that what you are called for is to help change a nation? That your vision is one that will captivate and inspire others? Why are we taught to think big but somehow become so indoctrinated by the same sources of wisdom to live safe? live for yourself? Is to live for others the same as living for your self? Why is it dumb to be brought up hearing from our country and all those around you that anything is possible and actually believe it? I believe. I believe that the purpose put upon my life reaches far beyond my immediate desires. beyond my dreams of grandeur. I believe in it so much, that although it is unclear, I will follow that inner voice with reckless abandon. I will do so because I believe it is the voice of God. So what I think I want will just have to wait, because what is in me is far more important than what my flesh wants of me.

The possibilities are endless, So should our confidence in what and who we can be.


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One Response to The permutations of possibilities

  1. john cadengo says:

    Hey. I left a comment on your fb about the book Visioneering. Another book I’d think you’d like is “The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson. He’s a preacher, and here is some of his preaching.

    You mentioned pentecostal in one of your earlier posts. What denomination church do/did you attend? David Wilkerson is pentecostal. I’m not. I love his story and his preaching, even though we may disagree on some theological points. 🙂

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