No tea for me.

the recent content with capital hill has bred a new quasi-political party; the tragedy that is the tea party. It is not hard to understand how such trite senile blather can garner such support. I mean, I know we have 9% unemployment the dow sits at eleven thousand, healthcare is uncertain, but damn!!!! Do these problems push us to a sara Palin endorsed political party? What really bugs me is not that she is at the head at this party ( well actually that bugs me a lot) but rather the stupid idiots they churn out as viable Candidates. (There is a reason Carl Rowe is keeping his distance) Christine o’donnell is a very nice lady. i’m sure if i met her , we would have a very amicable conversation. However, when it come to governance, she really has no place. I mean, when you are asked in a debate, for a u.s. senate mind you, what are your feelings on recent supreme court cases, and you respond ” i’m sorry, i cant answer that question, but i promise to respond on my website,” something is very wrong. Why does such ignorance attract so much support? Obama has had a tough time. he has a lot of promises that he has not met nor probably ever will. it is however, a sad desperate grab at senate seats to put that woman in power. She will not know what to do in the senate. She will be loss. it really just makes no sense to me that she has followers.  what the hell is going on in politics?


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