city life

So I have been in new york for about 60 days; it has been a pretty good adjustment. I am really getting used to navigating around the city without getting lost, working at the restaurant is becoming easier, and I am getting close to getting a job in the finance sector. right now, no one seems to be hiring so i will have to hang out at my restaurant job until something opens up; i’m optimistic. the one paradox about city life is that although you are surrounded by  people, it is still hard to meet people. everyone operates in their own social microcosm. whether it be work, leisure, or something else, you still need a catalyst to initiate conversation. the best thing about nyc is just all the energy. i love the constant movement and all the cool spots you can chill at. if there is one thing that i really miss about California, it has to be my family. I have had my family on my mind a lot recently. Won’t be able to see them until Christmas, but that is part of growing up. not always getting what you want.


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