Democracy and Chow Mein

I was on an errand this evening picking up some Chinese food for my aunt. On national public radio was a very interesting piece about a tea party campaign manager and his candidate/ friend. To make a long story short, the tea party candidate in an interview, decided to part ways with his manager after what he felt, a “disorganized agenda,” led t0 poor outings at his events. The crazy part of this story takes place when  the interviewer talks to the just-fired campaign manager. As they discuss the happenings of  of the split, the campaign manager receives a phone call; its from a representative of the establishment GOP party. JUST after vehemently expressing to the interviewer his discontent with the gop and how the tea party provides an independent voice, the recently-removed campaign manager strikes an accord with the gop representative that essentially spins the entire story. The GOP, with this man’s approval, prints a story stating that the FORMER MANAGER (remember I just stated that he was fired) decided to part ways with the tea party candidate because of ” ideological differences”. He then goes on to say that Tea Party candidate should drop out of the race and make room for the GOP. WOW!!!!!! HYPOCRISY!!!!

When I got to the chinese restaurant I ran into a very familar scene. In the front of the empty restaurant the owner’s two kids were hanging out. The older one took my order when I came in, while the little guy just chilled on his laptop. This reminded me of my parent’s restaurant and how I and my siblings spent many days and nights there. in a political mindset I started thinking about the many ventures that we Americans embark on whether it be our own furniture company, like one of my close friends parents started, or those of us who join corporate america. It is the  pursuit and the allowance thereof of dreams that make America special. For some reason or another, the government  that allows and provides the constructs in which we reach for opportunity has its own issues. Bickering, slander, greed and self-preservation puts our government on the path of ineptitude. it is a sad contrast: the simple pure desire to provide of one self and family and the convoluted, narcissistic crap that we call politics. it makes no sense that congress would essentially shelf tax break discussions until mid-term elections. Wait so you don’t want to help the constituency? You want to avoid conflict and look pretty during debate time? oh okay, I get it. it’s all about you. this is not about republican or democrats or even the new tea party. I just really want to see more facts, more honesty, less rhetoric, and more results. Stop the lies, Start true efficient governance.



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