Three months

so come december 5th, I will have been in New York  for three months. It has been pretty much wh i thought it would be. I am still working at the restaurant; to be perfectly honest, I’m ready to move into finance. the job is cool, but that is not what i came to new york for. in preparation, I have started some independent studying for the series 7 exam. Passing the test will get me in finance mode and bolster my resume. it is not going to be easy to get in, but i’m determined.  An Ironic thing about the city. despite the millions of people, it is still hard to meet people. I don’t have that same mandatory association that college provided. One of my friends told me it took her a while to meet people too. What i might do is take a free class at nyu or volunteer. My family came out for thanksgiving, an unfortunate events brought about this fortunate event. It honestly was a big boost for me. although nyc is great, I’ve been missing my family. My goals in the next three months are: to meet some more people, get my job, and start looking for my own place. NYC is one of the most magical places in the winter. lets see what pops off.

Enjoy. Engage. React.


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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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