Busser Boy Blues

As most of you know, my current job is a busser at a restaurant in the city. In the hierarchy of the restaurant business, I’m on the bottom. Despite my minimal position, I really don’t mind given this is not my final destination; However, there is one thorn in my side. There is one server that I seriously believe is neurotic. this guy is obsessive. If I put down a knife, he has to move it a 1/8 th of an inch. If a customer takes even the slightest sip of water, I have to be standing over them with the water pitcher. It is just ridiculous. Today he got in my face because I got caught in the back with like 6 coats from coatcheck. the poor guy had to pour his own water. boo hoo! It is honestly weird working in this capacity given that I am one of the few workers with a degree. A lot of these people work as career bussers and servers; this is just a pit stop for me. Besides some work drama, new york has been good. I found another church which I think will be my home church. the name of the church Times Square and it’s located……..In times square. What really attracted  to the church was the young adults ministry which is really good. Along with church, I am starting to study for the series 7 exam and sharpen up on my corporate finance material. I submitted an application at UBS via a referral I got from one of my uncles friends. Hopefully Something will happen soon. one thing that was bugging me was my inability to meet some people. I have been meeting  a lot of people recently which i great. All i need now is my real job and NYC will be great.


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One Response to Busser Boy Blues

  1. josh says:

    some ppl are just wierd like that. its like a bad seinfeld episode.

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