New Year new changes

This year I did not want to make any new year resolutions, but I have gave into the declaration of dreams and goals. As I sit on the subway reading the paper and read about all of these scholars, I am inspired to take my writing, reading and overall pursuit of knowledge to the next level. Secondly, I am buying and am going to complete the p90x program. For being a 23 year old young man, my fitness is pathetic. Finally,this kind of coincides with my first declaration, I am going to take and pass the CFA exam in june. In order to accomplish this, starting tonight, I am cutting my TV time to two hours a week. If I want entertainment I am going to play the piano. Well that’s it let’s see how this unfolds. I am hoping for a clearer mind more focus.



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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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