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The office

This is where it goes down. Advertisements

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Arguments and Augmentations

” That’s freakin’ stupid!” I’ve been in this business for 20 years and you I’m telling you, you don’t sell off a position like that!” ” That guy is a freakin’ idiot!” No loyalty.” These are small, fragmented and censored … Continue reading

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The Grand Grand Central

There a lot of cool buildings and architecture in New York. A lot I have yet to see. The Grand Central Terminal is one building I see just about everyday and I must say, that is one beautiful building. You … Continue reading

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Charlie sheen with a tan

“Do you follow the market?” ” tell me what you know.” My acceptance for the Stock Broker trainee program hinged on my response. I had applied to a job offer that was on Craigslist just two days before. On Monday, … Continue reading

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new office

This my. new office…. Well not the building silly! A small desk on the second floor. I start monday as a stock broker trainee. I’m pretty excited.

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monkeys don’t scare me

So three guys walk into a bar at three different times: a conservative hedge fund manager, a young man with lofty dreams and ambition and lastly a drunk degenerate who has no business in a bar. The first person to … Continue reading

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