Charlie sheen with a tan

“Do you follow the market?” ” tell me what you know.” My acceptance for the Stock Broker trainee program hinged on my response. I had applied to a job offer that was on Craigslist just two days before. On Monday, as I left the restaurant, I got a call from the company; the interview was set for Tuesday morning. As I walked into the Chrysler building, I started to feel a little nervous. Just two weeks ago, I went to a similar broker-dealer firm and never heard back.  As I sat in the lobby, I glanced over my copy of the Wall Street Journal Just to get my final pointers. My future employer greeted me with a cordial “Hello” and we walked to his office. As I walked through the main floor I tried to be cool but my face lit up like a fat kid in a buffet line. One Guy I see has two monitors on his desk; one is playing the news, the other has nothing but candle stick charts and other fundamental data. One guy has his headset on leaning back in his leather chair chewing on a straw. He chews this straw with such vigor, I seriously become a little disturbed. There is so much energy in the room and now I am excited. The interview itself was pretty laid back. As I walk into the office, the man pulls out my resume and ask me to go through my work history; I am told to speak up because his partner, who is sitting at a desk behind me, is working but also wants to be included in process. My employer after hearing my background breaks down the job offer. The hours are long and the money is little, but I will learn a lot and there is a lot of earning potential. I told him that I’m willing to put the elbow grease. he says good lets meet the boss and see what he says. He is busy so we sit in the office and wait for a little bit. When I finally meet the big dog, I am surprised. This guy is easily 10-15 years younger than the guy that just interviewed me. He greets me and ask me to sit. “He’s a good kid.” this is what the guy that interviews me says to his boss. The bosses demeanor reminds me of Adam Sandler. not Happy Gilmore Sandler maybe more Mr. Deeds Sandler. He sits back reclining in his chair and ask me, “Do you follow the market?” Of course I say yes.  “tell me what you know.”  I start to talk about the percentage gain in the market since the crash and the reason it took place. He interrupts and ask “why do you think the market is coming back?”  I start talking about what variables are not attributing to the surge , I circle around to the answer he interrupts and says ” yeah you know what you’re talking about.”  “welcome to the team.” So like that I got my first job in finance. Monday I will start hitting the books big time. Boot Camp begins. Thank you Jesus. I have been extremely grateful for my busser job but if I had to  run to the kitchen to get some more horseradish mayo or clean bread crumbs off tables  for a  for another six months, I would have lost my mind.




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