Coffee and calls

so I have not been able to write anything. Sorry. I have been  busy and just too lazy to do anything except chill. the last few weeks have been pretty been  interesting. I finally got my series 7 and series 63 license which basically allows me to interact with clients over the phone. right now I’m just calling potential clients that we refer to as ” leads”. I Make about 400 calls a day. I won’t be pitching stocks for about two more months or when i accumulate about 300 leads. to be totally honest, it is freakin hard. I am learning on the fly the art of sales, and believe me when I tell you this, it is an art; one that I feel will be an invaluable asset  moving forward.  I have only been on phone for about four days now and I am learning very quickly about how to control a conversation. One my first calls, I seriously was praying that the person that i called would not answer the phone out of sheer fear of what they would say in response to my questions. Now I see each call as a game. I am still a little nervous about being on the phone but I am a lot better. I am learning a lot about the stock market and the economy just from sheer osmosis. All the TVs are on the business channel and I have been going to  meetings about potential primary offerings which have been very informing and quite interesting. Oh yeah….. I drink  a lot of coffee now. I forgot to tie in the later part of my post title. You have to be extremely excited on the phone when you are talking. The conviction you need to have is expressed in an unnecessarily loud volume of voice, a lot of hand gestures and  pacing around the office. doing this for 8-10 hours can be exhausting. Coffee is my friend.

Even as I work here at the firm, My passion for i-banking is increasing. I am really enamored with merger and acquisition. I am teaching myself financial modeling and working with some people who have connections. I think by the end of the year i’ll have a very good idea as to where I want to go with my career.



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One Response to Coffee and calls

  1. Danny says:

    Welcome to the world of coffee drinkers. It’s nice to have you aboard pal.

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