Black Boy Be White

I’ll never forget leaving my AP government class  while i was walking with one of my friends, a classmate when she asked me” why do yo act so white?” so white? my retort is i’m not white just an intellectual and i articulate so as to be heard and never mistaken. so listen…..I AM NOT YOUR BOY. I AM NOT AN UNCLE TOM!!! Now for two reasons this bugged me. One being that she is half black, the other half being German, so by mere genetics that already made me more chocolately. Reason number two, does an intellect, good grades and articulating revolk the black card? it that is the case well fuck it you can have it.

side note: i know my dad is pissed because I’m cursing. I apologize. you raised me better. but shit i’m angry. I digress. I also diverge from the sterotypical perception of ME as stated by HER.  And it hurts.  because the Kings and Parks and abernathy stepped out in indignation  so we can be ceased to be stepped on. But the latter part still remains. and that’s why jim crow is dead in legislation but lives inscribed on the hearts of those who look at women and see hoes and all things academic as a concept of a lighter shade. who see colon powell and a dark perception of themselves and with all the black and white . I refuse to indulge on these trite lyrics Because kunta and fiddler already played that tune and the song sucks.

wake up man. cause though your darkness may blind you. martin already has seen the other side and there is light for those who decide they’re ready so let this darkened strong house be enlightened and become a home for intellect, dreams, visions, opinions on our government, remedies for your broken communities and true love for our women. we eyes is sorry bossman for talkin’ like eyes ain’t supposed to. eyes be going now


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