Introvert in an Extrovert city

I have been in new york now for about 8 months . The time spent I have already spent here and at least for the next year or so will be a time  teeming with irony; I have some what turned into myself and my work which seems to be such a stark contradiction to the bustling city I have began to call home. From a more distant of view, this may be viewed as somewhat a anomaly in what could be considered a book of interaction and energy. however, for those who really know me, I have always found solace in being by myself . My time has been rough. Money is tight and pressure is mounting from all sides.  This has caused me to pour myself into work; expediting the process to finding a remedy to the sickness known to many as poverty. Although it has been grueling , Work is starting to become enjoyable; I have learned so much about the financial markets  in such a short period of time. I truly believe that with dedication and perseverance, I’ll be in a really good situation come next Spring. What keeps me sane in this time is laughter. I continue to be the class clown at work. quite honestly if I don’t  create laughter and joy in the tough times, I’ll just end up crying. With the lack of cash i’ve turned to the occasional outing as as outlet but more so to the more cost efficient book and writing. I have started writing a movie script in my spare time; I actually think it’s pretty good. The weather in New York is starting to clear up which is great but is also scary being I know what intolerable humidity lies ahead. the muggyness I felt in my boxers was an unfortunate presage to the moist torture that is to come. This is not my first summer in new york, but this is my first in the city. looking forward to chillin in central park, yankee games and just chillin down in the village. this should be a good Summer.



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