Wives and paychecks

This past Monday, I started pitching stock at work; It is freakin’ hard, but exhilarating being that you can potentially make money on every  call. New york is finally starting to warm up a little, but being the ambivalent city she is, you get the random cold day; It actually rained today. After work this past friday, I walked over to Bryant Park on 42nd with some carrot cake and kicked back enjoying the sun and people watching. Although void of all the palm trees and beaches, the concrete jungle has a certain quirk that makes it such an appealing place to be. Whether it be the people, the food, the culture, or a blend of all three, I love 4 o’ clock on friday after work.

on another note, according to my dad, I should be at the hospital with my wife giving birth to my first born child. this is obviously hyperbole, but actually not to far from the marital fiat my dad dropped on me on the phone. According to Alce tradition, I should be making that special trip to Zales by this time. When I tried to explain the hilarity of this idea and my genuine trepidation to such a serious commitment, he assured me by stating  ” don’t worry, You don’t have to consider marriage until the end of next year. Thanks for the heads up.

To be perfectly honestly, I plan to be totally independent with my own apartment by the end of the first quarter of 2012. So throwing away the first time I am truly on my own with the permanent covenant of togetherness and sharingness and whats-mine-is-yoursness, is not that appealing. I’m down to casually date, but to give up the bachelor life before it begins doesn’t make sense; i’m in freakin new york city. I thank God every time I walk down 5th ave; So many beautiful women.

After having coffee with a business man whom I consider somewhat of a mentor, I have realized my workaholic attitude is not helping me in becoming successful. I’m not going to neglect my natural desires to socialize,  read and just chill. being personable opens far more doors. knowledge is imperative but being real gives access. This summer I feel is going to be one of the best in my life. I look forward to it. the new challenges, new friends, new money, new women.



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