Royals pizza

I believe I would be safe in saying that new york city is the mecca for pizza. Any epicurean would cede that fact; The big apple has mastered this cheesy  hand held delight. since I have been here, I have developed a little mental list of sorts:

1.Italian pavilion on old mamaroneck road in White plains

2.little italy on 43rd street and Madison

3. pizza shop on north street in new rochelle

4. genos in long island

and now my new favorite………Royals pizza on 3rd ave and 38th street.

Royals is this little hole in the wall that you could miss if you walk too fast but if you are fortunate enough to slow your roll and walk into this gem….my dear sweet lord. One of the Brokers a week back bought an entire Sicilian pizza and gave us a slice. This stuff is seriously good. the crust is thick and fluffy, the sauce has a slight sweetness. I love this place. The owner is straight from italy barely speaking English. I really love pizza. I really love new york city.


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