Biscuits & Cheerwine.

I am chillin’ in piedmont international Airport in Greensboro NC. Today I’m heading back to NY after kickin’ back with my best friend for his birthday; I needed this time more than anything. There is such a stark contrast to the life in Greensboro and NYC. Although I lo ve the pace of the city, it was refreshing to be in a less calamitous environment for a few days. Got some time to clear my head. My boy introduced me to three staples of greensboro: cheerwine, Jimmy Johns and Biscuitville. Cheerwine is a soda exclusive to southern areas. The best way to describe it is a Dr. Pepper meets cherries. Jommy Johns is a local version of subway; I have developed a love for the #2. Roast beef. I saved the best for last. Biscuitville is southern cookin’ meets Mcdonalds. I don’t know where you can get can order grits chicken-fried steak fresh biscuits eggs and REAL bacon to- go. I went there twice. Given the fact I was not at work and the tranquil pace of the city. I had a lot to time to think. And as I enjoyed my biscuits I realized that new york and greensboro are a good reflection of myself as a person. New york( energy ambition, creativity). And Greensboro( small town appreciation and relationship-oriented.) I’m going to have to find an avenue in the city to give of myself and satisfy both sides. That is one thing that I have been lacking. In new york I have been all business and no time to further grow myself as a person; that is partially why I came here.



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