On to the next one.

really don’t how to start this post…. today was a freakin’ good day. I had applied for a JP Morgan Chase position a while back… today ya boy got it!!!!! this is huge for me for more than one reason: more money, less hours and a far better  position for me to move into investment banking. I am really happy because I get to live my life. Working as a broker gave me invaluable experience, however, my ENTIRE life was in that office. The money that I got as payment did not allow me to do much on my days off. Now I get to really enjoy the city and have a social life.  his week, another change in my life is occurring, i’m moving to long Island to live with my aunt. I actually was opposed to it at first, but i will be able to help her out and her house is actually closer to my new job so it works out for the both of us. I really don’t have much else to say…oh yeah!!!!! wall street is sick!!!! I interviewed today at the chase headquarters. that whole area down there just got me so amped. seeing all the specialist and traders walking around in their firm jackets: Barclays Deutche Bank, JP Morgan. I got inspired all over again. When I first moved I was a young precocious 23 year old who just wanted to work in “finance.” I was a bus boy, a broker and now a personal banker. The next step will be an analyst for a bracket bulge firm. I don’t talk anymore as it might happen; there is no uncertainty. just have to put forth the effort and persistence.  This job is a real game changer. I have not received a salary position since I’ve graduated College. It has been a really rough two years financially. At times I felt embarrassed and upset. Now I have some breathing room. It’s one to the next one.


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