New horizons and Verizon

Sooooo… it’s been a while since I have written anything. a lot has gone on. I have been really exploring the city. The past two weeks, I was able to catch two poetry readings. one being ridiculously good; I’ll try to post a snippet later. Dumbo (acronym for down under the manhattan bridge), is a really cool area; it’s right off the c train right in the beginning of brooklyn. Only downfall is the trip from brooklyn to my house in long island is like two hours. more the reason to move to Brooklyn. one that note, I have been looking for some studios in brooklyn , astoria , the Heights and Harlem. The plan is to move in June. the transient nature of the warm weather has been pretty annoying. As I write this… a baby monsoon is brewing outside. The weather has been so weird. On the way to the train. I’m Burning up. On the way home is pouring cats and dogs. Last sunday I attended Hillsong’s church in union square. WOW!!! it was such a good experience. I loved the environment and the people there. Since i have been attending another church in the city, i’m being prayerful about where I need to be. I will say one thing, when I opened my eyes last week after worship to greet people, I saw so many fine sistas walkin’ around a praising the one and only; it was a beautiful site to see. besides according to my pops, I should be engaged by the end of next year. So why not start looking. Its funny that we make fun of men who come to church and have their eyes open to potential. where else should a man of god be looking… the club? I think not. Oh yeah I mentioned verizon in the title because my stupid phone is on its way out. I’m praying it makes it to november so I can get my discounted upgrade. my phone sucks. so to recap and to briefly mention stuff i did not because im lazy.

church is awesome. growing alot. becoming a better man.

checking out the women of God

work is good. starting my studies for the cfa exam

meeting a lot of cool people.

scoping apartments.

life is good.



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