A Season of faiths perfection.

To believe in someone or something offers few difficulties besides the barrier of skepticism. The mere existence and palpability of an individual offers security, a barometer of sorts, in whether you will or will not trust. However, to join in this accord with something intangible, presents in itself  many challenges. To follow without direction is a contradiction to logic. For the definition of follow tells us to “go after (some one) in order to observe or monitor.” How do you  put ones belief in some thing which offers no visible or tangible evidence? And so out of this conundrum, we travel through the seasons of faith. We tarry on something which offers no definite time of fruition. In the winters of uncertainty, if we are lucky, a discovery of genuine trust will be borne, and from it will the thing or promise develop. These seasons bring trials and tribulation; If we are only fortunate enough to be rewarded with such opportunities. Out of the uncertainty and hardship great promise waits ahead.



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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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