Irene brought clarity

So last Night Irene showed her tumultuous face as well as a  painful version of the Spanish language by Mayor Bloomberg;  I will say that her “devastation was a stark contrast to the predictions on the news. Bloomberg’s evacuations of some areas were portent to a storm of epic proportions. Long Island was okay, at least from what I observed on my block. The weekend spent in doors nearly drove me mad. I luckily got in a quick workout and jog on Saturday before the wind gust started picking up. we lost power Saturday night, which ended up being an unfortunate convenience. I got to do a lot of reading writing and thinking. really cleared my head about a few things and brought some feelings of melancholy. There are some voids in my life that I really dwelled on given the lack of an electric powered vice; I do believe, that confronting these thoughts are healthy and lead to self learning. This storm forced me into place that I abide in rarely by my own volition. A contemplative productive purgatory of sorts. a place between slothfulness  and convoluted thought and excessive action. Without tv , text messages , facebook. I was able to think and focus. All of these things are great, and I am in no way denouncing these things, but for a moment my mind was not racing with meaningless thoughts of text, statuses or commercials.   Even now with the power back on. I’m going back to working on a writing project i started a while back.  Sometimes in the peace of our own thoughts we are able to cipher through all the noise we are exposed to on a daily basis; cleaning out the closets. Although Hurricane Irene brought some cabin fever with her, I got a lot of constructive things were done as well. Clean out your closet.



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