The last 90 seconds

So as some of you may know, I have a slight obsession with the HBO Show Entourage; it’s one of my guilty pleasures. that along with the modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet and The Devil Wears Prada. Summarized as succinctly as possible, it’s Sex and the city for Men. I have seen every episode and regularly hypothesize as to which one of my friends would be E, Turtle and  Drama  if I were to ever make it big.To be honest, the show doesn’t promote a life in which I wish to emulate: The dialogue endorses misogyny, salacious activity and gratuitous drug and alcohol usage. Yet underneath the layers of smut,  there actually is a relationship between the guys that is quite admiral.

There are countless dialogues throughout the show that I will never forget: Ari verbally demolishing his former agent in front of everyone at a party, Gary Busy’s guest appearance. Drama’s every single line.  However after tonight, one of the most compelling dialogues that I have heard in a movie or in tv in a while was delivered in the last 90 seconds of the last episode of Entourage.



In the end as you may have guessed it, all looks as if it may worked out: E and Sloan are together, Drama is working, Turtle is a millionaire by his own hands, Vince is getting married and Ari has reconciled with his wife; He left his freakin’ agency to move to Italy with his family for a year!!!!! However not every thing is so easy. In the last minute of the show, you see an elated Ari laying around with his wife at some sick villa. He has left everything he has worked for to get his family back. As his wife leaves to get some more Champagne, a random phone rings it is the head of one of the biggest studios in Hollywood. As Ari explains his newfound joy, he is abruptly cut off, by a tirade of temptation that would even break the holiest of men. He is basically offered Hollywood. The power and money to do as he would like. the last line states, ” You want to know what Heaven is really like? Try being God”. Now if you know Ari, its not the money which brings him such strife. It’s Power. Dominion; this is his vice. The Irony is that Ari lies to his wife as to who called, she states ” We don’t need anything.”

Proverbs 23 :7 tells us that ” As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. To  be at peace with the thought that  our savior is more than enough produces a man who wants for nothing. The catch is, you have to believe it. And there are more than one thing in this world that can deter you from such resolution. Ari tried to do right by his family. To reconcile a marriage that was at its end. At his very last point of submission, total surrender an ideal that he believed to be right, all that he has lusted for was thrown at his feet.

To follow Christ is no easy task. You will be asked to forget every thing you think you want to grasp to an abstract in which very few understand. Your new found passion will be trivialized, mocked and in many cases produce very little accolades from the overall consensus. Lastly when you have given up on wants for the pursuit of a need, all that was desired in vain will be thrown at you like nobody’s business. Its when you commit to keep yourself for the one God has for you, every man and woman wants you in the baddest way. When you long for the company of others, you will feel alone, with only the Word and some empty invitations of debauchery as recourse.

The book of Job describes a Man who had everything and was reduced to nothing yet despite it all, Glorified a God which few will acknowledge, and in which his own wife told him to curse. Like my Favorite character in Entourage, We will all face or are facing our own Ari moment. We will be thrown in the fire, surrender to a Always-forgiving Father, and right when we see ourselves growing in his word, every vice that has ever had a hold on you. We all have our issues; we always will. However, at one point your going to have to choose as to which way the heart will go. Will you mediate on those things of Christ, or that which is not of God. When you choose, and you will choose, these meditations will shape the man or woman that you will be. Although the first choice is so hard, it is not for us to do alone. 1 John 2:1 states for us to Sin not, but if we do , know that we have an advocate in the Father”. We all have an advocate in which we can meditate on. It’s just a matter of whether you want to trust him or not. I’ll tell you one thing…….I’ll be front and center for the Entourage movie, to see what Ari believes.




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