Im going going back back to cali cali

What’s Goodie?!!!!I’m chillin at the crib eating some Haitian patties and drinking some akasan. (Akasan is a Haitian drink made out of water corn flour evaporated milk, milk sugar, salt vanilla and almond essence.) Fall time is here!! it has to be my favorite season in new york; the perfect mix between the humid summers and frigid winters. The few trees that are in the city are turning orange, Bryant Park is turning into a skating rink. Good times. I have not been able to hit up Central Park as of recent but it is the place to be in the fall.  These last few weeks have been very interesting. Work is work. The people there are super cool, but ultimately I have a final destination in my head and its not here. church has been really good. im making some really good friends at church and am starting to get more involved. I started studying for the CFA Level 1 exam in June.  My coworker who passed it a while back put in 430 hours so its going to be a long six months, but i’m down.

I’ve been looking for apartments in the city. I love my family but I am really looking to live the city life. living in long island is just like living in the suburbs back home in CA. so far I have been looking at upper Westside, Brooklyn, Astoria and some other options.

Im going home in two weeks!!! I have not seen the beautiful west coast for more than a year now. its crazy to think about that. I was supposed to go to Florida but plans changed so im going back home instead. so excited to be back.


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