My momma’s turkey

Winter time is here and it has been quite a time. I got to go home for thanksgiving. I haven’t been to Los Angeles for quite a year. It was good to see the fam and some palm trees. Before I went I had a friend visit. I had been on this girl since I was 18. Those two days were perfect. When I landed at lax I was approached by this 6’3 string bean that ended up being my little brother. My little sister is getting older the restaurant is growing. Life is moving on and it’s cool to see the progress. That Friday and Saturday I helped out at our restaurant. I was so proud to see the progress that has been made at “the spot”. In regards to food. I ate too much. In 24 years the only turkey that I have eaten was thAt of my mommy. It’s a streak I don’t plan on breaking for a while. We ate. We played wii. It was perfect.I know that I have gotten used to the grind of NYC because by Saturday I was missing the noise and grind that is the city. I took a flight to NYC Sunday and went. Back to work that Monday. Right now I’m just trying to figure some things out. I have made some really tough decisions since I got back. It’s put me in a very contemplative move. It suck. Buts it’s necessary. Times moves on . People get older. My post get longer. It’s life. It’s progress. Well that was some random crap for you. I’m writing this on my iPhone at my little cousin’s b-ball practice so cut me a break. Summary Cali was good NYC was missed. I’m making some personal decisions that hurt. Until next time



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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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