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So right now in the city of New York, the big apple’s sports populace is at peace; all wrongs have been righted; The Rangers are ballin’ or Puckin’, The G men are back on top of the NFL, and the Knicks sinking ship seems to have been righted by the most unlikely person.

With superstars Amare’ stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony out of the lineup, the unsung hero of the hardwood has been the 6’3 Asian-American Harvard-Grad Jeremy Lin. What I like  about Jeremy Lin is that that he is a breath of fresh air. My best friend and I have been wanting to see a light-skinned baller. Im black, and I love seeing the brothas get their props, but its exciting to see something out of the ordinary every once in a while. like a brotha tearing it up on the ice, or a white running back or a flashy white point guard ( jason williams in his white chocolate days). But besides his game or unlikely rise to fame, what I love most about this kid is that he is a unashamed bold-faced Christian. It’s starting to happen more frequently where we have these athletes or people of recognition who are using these platforms to exalt someone beyond themselves. You have to wonder,  what if drake was to become a christian and exalt Christ, or if Chris Brown after his mishap with Rihanna, Made a genuine statement and commitment to treat women like the treasures they are instead of “hoe”  punching bags. what would their followers do? You see, at the end of the day, the majority is comprised by followers. the impressionable lost, who find identity in the company association and behest of those who are deemed “leaders” “popular”.  Men will behave as men, if a someone who is popular is a Man. Men will be dogs if someone who is deemed popular is a dog. So what we are left with are the marginal few who are on the outskirts. These people do what they feel is right despite the lack of attention; it boils down to interest. Value is given to those things in which we designate our interest to. If the consensus is down with having sex with everything with walks, then our interest shifts to pleasing the temporal desire. lust. so now we desire “fucking” as some guys so eloquently put it on the streets of new york, then the actual women we are degrading in the process.

I’m interested in Mr. Lin not just for his on-court acumen, but also for what he stands for. you have a man who is becoming a star and yet he remembers the one who gave him his shine. If we just had more men of influence who wanted to be an example of a real gentlemen, an intellectual, a father, faithful……… we could shift interest, and consequently shift values. My man is doing big things on the court. I hope people take heed to his press conferences as much as his play. He’s a baller through and through.


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