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This year marks a pretty important year in my life…….. I turned 25. Along with that I made a shift in my career path.

Before moving to new York the big plan was to work on wall street and revel in my superiority, borne out of the magnitude and prestige of my firm’s address. Designer suits and long night crunching numbers where suppose to make up my diet. However, in the back off my mind , the goal was to move back to be restaurant business. Two things happened: in my pursuit.. I realized that I enjoy being knowledgeable About financial realm but not working there. I reluctantly gave into the logic that was pushing me back to my first love . Food.

I actually love food. I love making it, I love cooking it, talking about it. Its an affair. The restaurant business is so much fun to me;The rush is addicting. The learnings of the business is not sexy, but I enjoy it; it keeps me on my toes.

He main thing that I have noticed since getting back in the business is that I’m refocused. I found my mind preoccupied on relationships during my first months in new York. Since being back in the restaurant…. My focus has Came back and I love it. Every minute of my day I seem so much more productive. Relationships are great but I was so distracted by the idea, That my work suffered I also wasnt passionate about what I was doing. I actually think I found what occupation Makes me tick. It feels good .



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