Captain Black Guy

I was on Facebook yesterday and while being nosey, looking through everyone’s feed, I found a link to a caption planet parody; Don Cheadle was capital planet. It had to be watched. I have included the link to the video(; I’m too

Cheap to include  video on my blog.


The video is hilarious. All of the former  characters who represent the elements which  create captain are included.

And Don Cheadle is decked out in a dead-accurate captain planet costume. (green hair included) I’m not going to spoil it but to summarize , mr. Planet goes AWOL. He takes “greenifing” to a whole new level. This sinister twisted side of a child favorite cartoon was what really made this funny.


At the end of the skit however, I believe the writers ran out of creative juices , so they made the safe move…. THe stereotypical black male skit . Cheadle goes on An explicative-laced tirade glorifying his omnipotence; I guess it’s always funny to see the black man act like himself.


Maybe I’m just hypersensitive to these things, but I feel that mainstream media really propagates this image of the ” black male”: a  misogynistic, sex-crazed  slothful Neanderthal, with a sharp tongue and no job. Now here is the thing… Some of these caricatures I find hilarious . I would be lying if I said I did not see all of the Fridays. But it seems like in every damn skit it continues on with reckless abandon with this negative limited image of the black male. To the point that it becomes the archetype for the perceived demeanor of the black man.  The image is really cemented into the minds of the masses by the majority of rap songs and videos. There are not many artist whom I can think of who speak of women, our woman namely,in a light this is not denigrating.

With this constant Bombardment of videos and the fact that these images are glorified and duplicated by mainstream media….there develops this  cool/misconstrued idea of the black male. Drake , Lil Wayne and other artist are made to be ” gods “. So now you have these people whose lyrics are made to personify all that is the black male.


I think I know why seeing a black guy curse someone out is deemed funny . It’s because it’s not funny, but  it is now expected revelation of his. “true nature ”  hearing a black guy that is articulate All sudden break into cursing is not funny because he just said ” muthafucka” , but rather because he failed at his tragic attempt to escape himself. It’s similar to watching a dog eat peanut butter……it’s funny because dogs are not used to eating peanut butter so they struggle with doing so. A black man is not accustomed  nor equipped to speak in a proper manner or hold certain jobs, so it’s funny to watch the struggle, observe as he restrains his true barbaric nature…. Until the nigga just can’t hold it in.


The. Video was funny but kind lost me at the end. You. Can watch it and make your own assertion. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands riding this train home.








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