500 yards of sewage

I’m a big fan of sports talk radio. I thank God everyday for the Espn radio app that allows me to listen to Espn Los Angeles while in New York. This morning, I was tuning in to one of my favorite shows when the Radio Show Host  made a reference to the movie Shawshank Redemption, one of the greatest movies ever. The radio host was referring to the part of the film when Andy Dufrane has to craw 500 yards through sewage in order to escape to freedom. The interesting thing is his total escape also included another 200 miles to Mexico. Although the distance of the crap crawl was much shorter, the drudge through the fecal matter was easily the harder part of the Journey. This really spoke to me in volumes; It’s such a poignant metaphor for life. We find it easy to go though the platitudes of life: work, the basics of relationships, providing for our family. Yet, it’s the intricacies, the day to day struggles of our lives, that become a challenge for most to “escape”. I don’t want to go through life just barely making it. Living in mediocrity is a product of being afraid to dig in and go the five hundred yards. Freedom from stagnant relationships, dead end jobs and a lot of other issues all lie in going the extra mile facing fears confronting issues. So to keep it short….. Go through the crap with confidence and with a purpose. Be determined to learn something through any struggle . Fight to be better man a better woman, a better father a better person. It’s not easy, but the reward is so sweet .


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