Tying knots and breaking bread.

What up! What up!
I’m writing his post on my flight back from good ole California. I really enjoyed my time back home: I saw some of my friends from school ,was able to see my family and lastly, I witnessed one of my boys tie the knot. First off, it was so nice to see he fAm. I took the bus from Santa Barbara Sunday and when I get to the house, all of my favorites are on the oven: mac n cheese, yams, brisket , homemade rolls. Just heaven. All my family came over to eat; it was beautiful to be able to break bread with every one and see my siblings.

Before coming down to see the family, I went to Santa Barbara to attend one of my friend’s wedding. The whole thing was beautiful. From The bachelor party to the rehearsal dinner all the way the the final walk down the isle. Given the recurring theme of family and relationships throughout the week, it was no wonder my mind went to my own relationships. I have always been close to the fam, but I’d be lying if the thought of my own relationships with women did not come to mind. A lot of my colleagues and CLose friends where there with girlfriends and significant others; I was hatin’. I mean, I work in a city with some of the most attractive women yet, I haven’t found mrs. Right. Not even dating anyone. I’ve met a lot of beautiful women, fine women, just didn’t have the full package ( Jesus Christ).
I was joking with a buddy about our friend’s honeymoon.
Now I think we all know what goes down on the first night of marriage…….. Intense all-night prayer!!!!! Lol! but seriously …. We know. Being a Christian man, it’s very hard to keep yourself sexually pure. I mean for goodsness sake I’m in my sexual prime!!!!! It’s like I’m Jordan in the 90’s and I’m sitting on the bench!!!!! Watching. I know God is doing this thing in his time, but dang man… I would like to at least have a some prospect. I think I’m getting close to being ready to being a good boyfriend , a man of God. I’m ready for that commitment and understand the implications of that relationship. In the meantime, I’m enjoying now, serving and livin’ life. Mr. Señor Christo will take care of the rest. Until next time.

Ps. Breaking bad on fx is my new tv show obsession.



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