Ice Cream, movies, and a loney house.

So this past week, i have had the house all to myself. My aunt and cousins went out to California to visit my parents and fam out there. The minute they were gone I realized….. I don’t like being alone. When I got back from work that day, there was no hyper 10 year old running to meet me, no incessant request from my aunt to take off my shoes or turn off the lights; Silence. Silence is golden, but sometimes I can settle for just plain metal. I missed the noise. Don’t get me wrong, there were some times that being alone in house was nice. its not even like I need to be interacting with my family when they are in the house, but their presence in itself is comforting. In reference to the title…. I watched a movie one night last week and I tried a new flavor of ice cream…. Boston Cream Pie; it could be a new obsession. That’s all I have to say about that. Probably doesn’t warrant the title of this blog but oh well.

In my reading this week, I came across a realization about Hate. When you say you hate someone or something, this emotion is borne out of an intimate knowledge of something/someone and a realization that you don’t mesh with that perception or person. To hate is to abhor with unique knowledge the wholeness of one’s composition. You have to have keen insight into the workings of an object and say “there is nothing in accord with what I hold valuable or important; this object is a detriment to me attaining what I hold dear. In my time alone this week, I was thinking about sin.  As a young man aspriring to be a better follower of Christ, I find myself constantly falling. Sometimes I think that I dont hate sin. I have some of my brothers in Christ who lived a certain lifestyle that was a stark contrast from where they are now. It’s almost as if their intimate knowledge of sin is what has allow them to say there is nothing here that is in accord with what I hold valuable. But that isn’t necessarily true because for that season, that is what you “value”. In mulling over this concept, it hit me, I don’t need to “know” sin in order to make my assessment to whether or not I hate it, rather to know the love  of Christ and decide that there is nothing better. Therefore you values line up with the things of God, and as you grow in the knowledge of him, anything outside of that you will hate. you don’t need to know what you dont need, rather grasping on to the only thing you do need. Why learn to hate when you can love and repell all things that don’t line up with that? Gotta go, have to take the cuz to the library.



These thoughts  was it’s only an intimknowledge of something that you can truly learn to hate something. freedom in confinement our inadequacies are what makes us human. without them, their would be no pursuit, no purpose.


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