730 Days

Tomorrow marks my second year in New York. It seems like yesterday that I was saying goodbye to my family as I headed towards my plane terminal in LAX. Since being here in New York, i’ve been: a busboy, a junior broker, a personal banker and now a manager in the restaurant business. the main theme these two years has been that I’ve been. The fact that I went through these two years, I believe has been so important to my growth as a man. finding jobs, hating jobs, making no money, making money, being alone, finding a family in friendship, falling in my walk with Christ and growing closer to Him. It is such a vacillating period. One that I believe that was a necessary one in my journey.The instability that you experience in some periods of your life creates a foundation for your future. The hardships and changes build value and change/cultivate perspective.

Sometimes I wonder how things would have worked out had I not left and stayed in California. I know for a fact that it was imperative that I came here for this time. My relationship with my family has grown, and I have been growing in maturity.  These two years have been great and so worth the move. How many more years do I have here, I dont know, but for the time being , long live the moment.




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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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