See more. Want more. Have more

Recently I’ve been this introspective /inspirational rant. I have been watching these videos on and a slew of others on . Being a quarter century old, my mind has really shifted to living an inspired life. I don’t want to do anything where its’ intent does not line up with my passions and purpose. For example, for me, I don’t want my job’s sole intent to be to pay bills. There has to be a connection and joy that I get because I’m not just providing but because I’m feeding my need to give to others, or my love of food, fashion and reading. When you correlate you joys with Your source of income, you live an inspired life. I’ve been on this occupational journey for the last two years. When I first moved to New York, I was hell bent on wearing designer suits, and living the sleep-deprived high-stress lifestyle that is entry-level corporate banking. However, as I got closer to that vision of success , I realized more and more that that life was not for me. I was not inspired by the daily task, responsibilities nor future prospects behind the corporate desk.

I say all this to say, my thoughts about this, gave me an idea of the concept of seeing more, having more and wanting more. Seeing more points to innovation and opportunity, have more points to those with innate ability and attributes, and lastly wanting more, refers to the desire, the longing to do and make more happen.

Now to a certain extent, there are only two of these areas that you can really learn yourself in (seeing and wanting) , having more speaks to natural talent or ability. desire can help you achieve certain task, but to be blunt, some people just got it.
To use a metaphor, Kobe Bryant , one of the best to play the game ( if you are asking right now what game, get off of my blog) is a perfect example of a trifecta: creativity /innovation, natural ability , and finally desire. There are very few who can match Kobe’s creativity with the ball. The shots he takes in a game seem at time to be out of a circus. At his height, build and athleticism, he is a perfect build for the 2 guard position. Lastly, Kobe’s desire to win and to be the best is really only matched by Jordan himself.

I’m speaking of these attributes: innovation, natural ability, and desire, because they are I believe, the three keys to change and success. (With desire and seeing more , I contend , being the most important.) When your eye is set on opportunity and you have a strong desire to take hold of that opportunity, there is really nothing that can stop you. There are a lot of people who have innovative ideas, ones that can change how we operate. However, there are few who have the desire and discipline to follow that idea through to fruition. That is the basis for wildly successful people: the creation of a product or talent that everyone needs yet very few people can provide. Because your lack of discipline keeps you from achieving your goals, it’s one less great idea clogging the pipeline that is demand.

I say all this to say that tap into to those things that make You tick. The innate abilities that make you have, don’t ignore them. Find that umph to push you through . It’s never easy to follow a path that is set for few, but in doing so, you will find a greater satisfaction than you ever will in being quiet.



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