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One of my favorite movies of all time is Jerry Macguire. It is just such a perfect embodiment of hard work, emotion and risk-reward. The best scene in that movie is near the end  where one of the main characters, Roy tiddle,( Cuba gooding Jr. ) is leaving the locker room where he has just made the big time. Tiddle, am undersized receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, made a miraculous game winning catch. Ensuring him a large contract and the interest of multiple teams. As Tiddle leaves the locker room,  the cameras are flashing, reporters flocking everyone is clamoring for his attention. Now you have know the back story before you look at this scene with indifference. Before that catch, Tiddle was nothing but a big-mouth football afterthought. The only  person who would begrudgingly give him attention was  his agent, (tom cruise).

As he is leaving the locker room. scanning the mob admist the sea of camera lights, he says” where is my agent”? Tom cruise appears amid the sea of newly found fans and the two share an genuine embrace . I love this scene not because of any particular cinematography or the dialogue , but rather what the reason for what that moment represents.

In my years after college, real life has hit  me harder than a pimp slap.  I went from care-free college years, straight to 60 hour weeks for basically no pay. Being evicted and living in a hotel room with my fam, then some ass hole Senior stock broker in NYC introducing me to his tonsils while we took turns yelling at each other . Now , I’m a general manager at a restaurant. And now as I look at my life, its joy I feel, not because of what the future holds, but rather what the past gave me. As move forward in my life, its the memories of being low and having nothing that I relish the most. I enjoy the accomplishments, but love to think back to on what was.

When Roy Tiddle and tom cruise’s character shared that embrace, it was so emotional not because of where they had arrived but rather because of where they were. when you remember the hardship, the present becomes a validation for where you are now. This year i turn 26 years; I’m very optimistic about the next 6 months and yet , I still find myself dwelling on the memory of the 24 year old precocious college grad. It’s only two years but I’ve grown so much. Crazy mayne!! any way, let me stop rambling. I think I might pop that movie in.




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