2.5 years

The last supper

March 18 was the last day today for me in New York . I took some time that Morning to say my final good byes . I will say it is so weird to see things continue on after you are no longer a part of it. I was freaking about this same point when I left Spain after spending a semester abroad. Just never ceasesto amaze me how things can seem so intricately connected , as if my inextricable bond to this city is what makes it tick. And at the same time everything is disjointed . I’m gone and the same my replacement at work continues on. The minimal revenue that my monthly rail pass contributed to Long Island’s financial coffers is replaced by the money of another new traveler trekking to the city. It may seem a dumb point but the ease in which our presence can be replaced to some extent really speaks to our insignificance. How small we all are. My two and a half year imprint only survived by family and friends who speak of me in passing conversation.

New York has given me so much over this time. I was talking with my homegirl late night Monday , and it was crazy telling her of all the experiences that I have had in New York. Unpacking all of those memories made my time here seem so much longer: my time as a busboy eating the freshly-made croissants in the bathroom . Freaking out as I dropped a fork and watched all the patrons look at me in utter disgust for ruining their individual epicurean universes with my noise. My position as a junior stock broker cold calling business owners in London and every parter at all the big law firms in the city, only to be cursed out, walking Aimlessly around Brooklyn in the freezing cold looking for a cab, 3:00am pizza and spoken word in the lower west side. 5:00am treks back to Long Island . My first blizzard . Time square church, Hillsong church, Brooklyn tabernacle. Dinner with the family on Sundays . Dinner at my uncle Edy’s house. The passing of my grandmother . Leaving my path of finance to go to the food industry . Women I met , learning to speak to women . Falling asleep on the Bryant park lawn.

There is just so much that went down. Things that made me laugh, made me cry , mad me calloused, made me aggressive made me …………me. I look back at that kid who flew here september 2010 dead set on working on Wall Street and look at me now. It’s crazy how I have changed. How passions have changed demeanor everything . I will miss New York : friends family experiences , culture but in going back to Cali all of those things go back with me in memory and . Thank you New York for the most transformative time in my life. I’ll be back to visit. Don’t forget me.


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