Finding drive at the Range

What up what up!!!!!!??????

I am exactly one week removed from New York, and to be perfectly honest, in the back of my head, this trip to north Carolina is still a vacation that will land me back in New York at the end of this week. It won’t really hit me that I’m back on the west coast until I land in California and start unpacking.

My time in north Carolina has been exactly what the doctor prescribed….. a whole lot of chillaxing. My boy and I were in st Louis this past weekend Dona wedding. The wedding , very fun, the total of 22 hours of driving… not so much. I have been eating  a lot of bbq and other southern treats with the feeble promise to my self that I’ll get in shape when land in cali; we’ll see what happens.

Today after relaxing at my friends apartment, I headed to the local driving range to hit a few golf balls. As I’m embarrassing myself I’m listening to an entrepreneurship podcast from Stanford university. As the speaker discusses the benefits of failure, to realize the strong parallels between golf and entrepreneurship. I am very new to the sport of golf. It’s one of the many promises along with learning France and Italian that I made to myself as switched coastlines. To be perfectly it is on of the most frustrating sports I’ve ever played. So many variables that go into a perfect swing: grip on the golf club,
Distance between your feet, weight distribution, positioning of your feet, distance between your body and your hands, the alignment of the planets……. okay the last one is bull but you get the point. Any one of these neglected variables can lead to an ugly shot. I will say one thing when you can align all those pieces and you hit that ball….. the sound that club makes with that contact and the perfect trajectory……… heavenly. This feeling only comes as you correct all the mistakes . Entrepreneurship is very similar in the fact all the components that go into starting a company make it inevitable to avoid failures and mistakes . But these mistakes are what lead to reconstruction and an eventual success.  I guess a lot of sports can display this parallel ,but for margin for error seems so small in golf , more so than any sport I have played.

I really excited about my new opportunity in California. It should be one full of struggles, challenges but also valuable lessons that will hone my skills and sharpen my business acumen. You can’t ask for anything more than that. However these endeavors start next week. For now….. I relax. Atlanta this weekend ……



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