I’m in the air right now heading to California and my mind is racing. Staring out of my window has me in a very introspective mood. I’ve changed. Personality, thought process , aggression, habits…. I’m a changed man and I don’t know honestly if its for the best.

Come 11:00pm westcoast time… I’ll be 3000 miles from a life i created
For myself. And I’m nervous and anxious about what is next. I planned this move . I see a greater opportunity to grow career wise and I know I can be great.I guess I’m impatient in waiting for my chance to come. You may be given opportunities but , success is taken, created and disseminated by you . I guess seeing the rewards of my hard work is is something i want to see now. As a prescient token of encouragement. A new chapter starts tomorrow . I’m scared out of my mind and excited out of my mind. Entrepreneurship the truest form of a meritocracy. I’m just praying that I have the wherewithal to make what’s in mind a reality. That’s the only way i’ll have some peace. I honestly can’t accept anything else. I hate being without , and I hate not being control. So in this chapter …..California ….. I’m pushing myself mentally and physically to make my dreams a reality. I’m scared but I’m ready. I’ve been talkin’ a big talk now its time to make good on an optimism that won’t let me sleep and an ambition that is relentless and insatiable . I’m ready.


About Literarydimes

This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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