Fear on the fourth

What up what up?!!!! It’s been way to long since I’ve written something. It’s Fourth of July and it marks three months back for me in Cali. I’m sitting right now on the roof of our family restaurant watching the fireworks and bumpin’ some drake. The frenetic Energy and excitement of explosives I believe is a perfect metaphor for my life right now. I met a girl and it looks like we’re opening restaurant number 2 in the fall. In both situations I feel both fear and excitement. The uncertainty of mutual interest and the possibility of failure drive me to freak out, stay up late and worry, but I’m appreciative of both situations and accept the proposition of failure ; it drives me.

You know, I noticing its so safe to dream of a place of success. You mentally can check out and envision ones’ self in a spot of success all the while absolving your self from failure or the struggle to get there. That’s where I am at now. You dream of doing something and as that opportunity becomes closer and closer to becoming reality, the inevitable obstacles that male theirselves known along the path can really scare you. Make you almost quit in fear of ruining that perfect led vision of yourself. I’m at a point now where I can’t turn back. I have two options now. Either I fail epically and am hurt in both building relationships and business, or my success opens more doors. Excited to see what happens. Oh yeah, m going to a new church in Cali . I’ll touch on that in that next post.



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