Transient mind

My mind is funny man. It feels like every minute my focus jumps from thing to another thing , seeking a thought or task that will earn its presence for longer a moment. One day the prospect of a relationship , the idea of a playing bachelor, one day the earnest seeking of Christ , the next a nihilistic lifestyle , where every want and desired is fulfilled because I want it to be . With work insulating me from the outward social life, I’m left a lot to myself and my thoughts , and my mind is left the absence of others, what can fabrice accomplish? What will he accomplish? For such sacrifice can only warrant such a return as success? Right?
Time will only tell. Tonight I feel as if I’m so close but so far to a new beginning. But at what cost ?


About Literarydimes

This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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