Real Talk. Real time

Alright alright allllllriiiiight !!! (Kevin Hart Voice)


What up what up?????!!!!

I hope all is well

These last two weeks have been something to remember man. The fam is within 8-10 weeks to opening the new restaurant; I have been going non stop.  And yet despite it all, God is good. Really good. Last week I got to go see some awesome spoken word down towards LA. Once again, the moment , the prose, the friends, all reminded me how important it is to stay grounded, to stay with Christ. It seems that at times, we can be consumed putting to good use the gifts that God has given us and we forget to just be with Him.  It sounds like such a rudimentary concept , being with Him, but its so often overlooked in pursuit of things and dreams and whatever it may be.  This concept, I feel ,is very similar to being with a girl, I speak from my infinite experience ( statement  dripping with  sarcasm). But real talk, dudes , when you meet that girl that makes you forget the fundamentals of speech , we go straight into “ gadgets and gidgets “ mode. You want to buy her diamonds and show her the world.  And, as you are ripping and running around, you are hit with the sobering statement from this hot ball of fire that she “just wants to spend time with you”.

( mouths drop with incredulous disbelief.”)   I think God so clearly shared his heart with us in Matthew 28  when he stated in chapter  in verses 18-20 to go and make disciples of all the nations , baptizing them in to the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. Teaching them to observe everything that it I commanded .”

God clearly  wants our love for him to be put on display with our sharing of His goodness  with  others. That my friends is “just being” with him. And  see more and more that community’s main purpose it to equip us to do so. To encourage us , grow our faith so we can leave the four walls where the church is and continue to make disciples.


Being in connection and community with my people last week has just totally reshaped my idea of the purpose of community. Proverbs talks about how the company and the body of Christ grow and sharpen each other as “steel Sharpens Steel”. And man I tell you how good it feels to be reminded of my walk, of the reason I committed myself to Christ.  Initially , the path to Him seems to be the only logical thing when you grow up in the Church; its  just where you are. But  as I grow older and now at 26, I so long to really know Christ . I long for my heart to truly break for those things that break His. I want to be resolute in my stance for purity before marriage and loving the least of those, not because its noble , but because my Father would want it that way. I think when we make this some kind of legalistic  checklist , we burn out and want  and to take a breather. But when you really give your self to Christ , He fills you up and allows you to grow in such a way  that each time we step out of our selves, we are deepened in our walk with Him , in our knowledge of Him and honestly, the more and more that this pattern occurs, you pouring out and God pouring in, you really can care less about what others can say. So in the midst of all this banter, Take away that God is Good, God is faithful , and honestly that is all that really matters.






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