I’m not Black

I think that I have touched on This topic in some way or another in prior post, but the topic keeps coming to to the forefront of my mind in one way or another.

I was talking to my girlfriend last night ( yeah I have a girlfriend now) and she is Nigerian. Now the Nigerian culture is very much a forward- thinking, ambitious and proud culture. There isn’t this ingrained history of slavery or physical and mental denigration. Secondly, the parents at such an early age preach about the value of education and excelling in your work. It’s not really an option to do poorly In school; it’s a reflection of your worth and of your family so excelling is the only option. The one thing she told me that really struck a cord with me, is how they value themselves. There is no competition amongst Nigerians and African Americans. They don’t strive to be better than their black counterparts. The goal is to be the best period.

Now although we share the same skin tone, the ideologies, perceptions and culture between African Americans and africans or immigrants in general is totally different.

My father is Haitian . When you are exposed to a “Black” nation where your dark skin is the dominant majority, comprise the entire legislative and executive Branch, are doctors, lawyers, physicians, it really doesn’t matter about the economic state of the country , you are programmed understand what you are able to do. And in my fathers case, that is anything. Although my dad and his family moved to the states in his early years, that mentality came with him. It’s the way I was raised .

I’m watching current black culture and society, and it looks like we’re still enslaved. We hate our skin, we hate our hair, we tear each other down , hate on other blacks who are doing well. We spend too much and make to little . What we see today is not the result of chains , but the very real remnants of mental slavery.

We are so programmed to believe what black is that to see a black person who is articulate , does well in school and carries themselves a certain way is deemed “acting white”. It’s sick , and not necessarily for the statement made, but rather because the implied perception of what they black should look like. We’ve been programmed to believe that corporate wealth , manners , education etc . Are white and the ghetto trash perception of niggers is THE only way you can be black. We hate our hair , we fear cops , black me hate and embarrass our women. It’s disgusting and sad. So if the perception of black is that skewed in America, then I’m not black. I’m proud of my skin and my heritage . I’m proud to be African American and I fear no man in the marketplace , in business , in any arena . I won’t conform to this sad mentality. I can’t. it’s not how I was raised.
So I guess just call me dark.


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