SAY WHAT?!!!!!!


These last few weeks have been a funny period in my life. I feel like at this very moment , I’m at a  point of inflection in every aspect. Personally  I’m in a really cool relationship right now that despite the short period of time, has been such a journey and a constant learning experience. Living at home has been humbling and at times frustrating. Its been hard to foster and create new friendships given my schedule but God has been faithful.  Money is tight but im very close to a change in that realm, so im definitely optimistic. In my Business life, things are crazy ….. in a good way.  The opening date for the new restaurant spot is  coming up soon.  Getting ready for that location is a lot of work but a great learning experience at the same time. In the midst of all of this, im trying to keep my head on straight.


Periods like these I believe demand a certain command, an assurance for a lack of better words,  of where you are, and that the inevitable hand of time will move you through. Hopefully for the better.  I draw on knowledge to understand , embrace and go through.   These situations in my  life have me looking for inspiration and knowledge in many different  areas .  I love learning.  Reading is such a fun experience for me.;  knowledge is a source of  empowerment and inspiration . Im obsessed with the Entreleadership podcast by Dave Ramsey. I love TED , and Malcolm Gladwell is a G.  In reading all of these books and listening to these media outlets, I  began to think about what  role inspiration plays in my life. But as time  moves forward, the question begs to be asked, with such a pursuit for this thing we call inspiration, what exactly is it?  There are two  definitions that stuck out to me. The first one defines the word inspire as “to produce or arouse ( a feeling or thought).”  The second definition states that the word means “to guide or control by divine influence.”

For me what I came to realize is that a positively inspired life, one whose actions and fruit is an aspiration, a source of thought and vision  to others, is one that shapes futures. Our life, lived positively , can mold the life of someone else. Mold the desires of another. What I read and what I listen to inspire me in the sense of the first  definition; it produces thoughts and arouses sentiments. My view on politics , theory , money , love , work , relationships are all produced by outer variables. And this works on what I call the “superficial layer”  of inspiration.  This  level of  inspiration is not reserved to what you what you give your direct attention to;  it is not this lofty ideal referencing   a perfect moment in time. It happens at every turn. Whether or not you  see it happening. This inspiration is called the preliminary level of  ontology. This term refers to its marginal  influence to you as a person.  The second definition of inspiration that I listed refers to the divine; it refers to the “ guidance or control by a divine influence”. This inspiration affects the core of man. God has imparted to all of us this level of inspiration; its. Your character, beliefs , emotions  , your perception of dogma, your perception of how to treat a woman/man etc. , self worth etc.   . It is all inspired by God .Divine influence or “secondary level of ontology “,  causes man to aspire for  those things that are of God.  Periods of uncertainty are perceived differently because you are under the “control” of the one who “controls” all.  I guarantee that when you allow yourself to be inspired by the Divine,  your aspiration  will totally change. The  Secondary level of ontology , the direct intentional influence of Christ  will supercede the superficial.  The preliminary level of ontology is analogous to the concept of sin; its not an entity but rather exist because of the a void of the secondary. Darkness only exist when light is not present. You cannot create darkness, you can only remove light.  This is the same with the two levels of inspiration;  the preliminary level of ontology exist when you deny the inspiration of Christ. I have talked way to much; im sure not a lot of this made sense, but what I wanted to say is to be inspired be moved by the right thing , and let this to translate to  an aspiration for Christ . his love is intentional,  He’s absolutely crazy about you.  So……   let HIM move.




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