It find it really hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close. It really feels like I just celebrated New Years in New York just yesterday . So
Much happened this year:
-I moved back to California from New York
– I began working with my parents at the restaurant
– I started a new relationship
– I got a new car
– Kobe Bryant returned to the lineup then got hurt again.
– I got upset that Kobe Bryant returned to the lineup only to get hurt again .

With the endless events take place in our lives, the end of this 365 cycle always ends the same way, we all take time to declare what we didn’t do, and what we swear we will do in the next year . I’ve realized that there a lot of things that I’ve stated I wanted from this year, yet very few have been done . What I’m realizing in my 26th year , is that we speak things that we want, but truly act on things when they are necessity. I’ve been saying that I wanted to get in shape. If I’m really honest with myself the end result was desired more so out of narcism . I would look a certain way and I would be perceived a certain way. No real utility would be added to my life, or at least the utility that would come out of being in shape was not my primary focus. When you look at a “resolution” and the desired outcome is merely for a self gratifying feeling or statement , you will likely not achieve what you have stated you wanted. Feeling are fleeting . To tie an inspiration to something that vacillates will never give you a steady foundation to grow and move on. This year my only resolution is to pursue goals with a purpose . Put it on paper and write down what the end result is. If your end result offers no utility to a better life , then you’re probably going to fall off the wagon. Everyone be well and go hard the last few days of the year. Anything can happen.

Peace ,


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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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