27 Years a Male

Hey do you like that clever title? get it? 12 years a slave , 27 years a male? funny? I know its stupid , but I couldn’t help myself. Its times like these where I really have to  infuse some act/statement of petulance or naivety into my world.  A remnant of youth.  On March 10 1987, The good Lord graced this earth with my presence. I’m now 27 years old , which is by no means old  but at my age, my Dad was having his second son. Right now I live with my parents. Quite the contrast

I spent my birthday with my girlfriend and then headed over to Umami Burger that night to Satiate my manly desire for a burger. I went by myself. and to be totally honest, it was nice. Well the burger was cool, but being alone for this period was refreshing . Living at home and working with family leaves little room to be alone. This hour of solitude was spent thinking about life. family . love . Self . future. Everything.

In my mind, I have this Grandiose perception or vision of my life when im “older”. As I creep closer to 30, It has been a little apprehensive as to the trajectory of my life. There is so much that I feel that im capable of doing and that I desire to do. Turning 27 Has me a little anxious. I guess I just felt I would be farther along at 27. Don’t get me wrong, my life has direction and I believe I have found my passion, its just that when you come home and you’re sharing a room with your younger brother , the vision in your head begins to battle with the current reality; There’s a mental battle between what should be, and what is. My greatest fear is that I continue to dream of this “future” , and I spend my present unsatisfied, upset at the pursuit of my “real life” , where I really belong. What I have decided is to embrace the moment I am now. Yes there are goals that I have , and there is a vision I have for my life but the future is an eternal knit of present moments that create new moments in my future. if you are not present in this very moment, right now as I write, then you risk your future , you risk your vision, for its only a momentary culmination of all these present moments. 27 years I’ve been a male. Right now this very moment im 27 years old  and8 days . I will enjoy this moment . engage in this moment. love this moment, and from this moment , work on my future. Happy birthday month to me.




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This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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