Living in the Solution

So  there are two magazine that I like to read. One of them being  GQ . A few nights ago I’m reading an article, yes there are articles in GQ , about this guy  who started a little league baseball league in the middle of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New Jersey, Camden . The coaches of this league are comprised of hometown boys who grew up in Camden. One of the coaches was a former dealer  who turned his life around. Between operating a fork lift and going back to school,  this dude was doing crazy hours!!!! 2am to 9pm for two years!!!!!! These long hours were an eye catcher in themselves , but what really caught me was the term to explain this period in this life; he was “living in the solution”.
You see, many people can find “solutions” or remedies to life’s ailments, but to find and to be in it are two diametrically opposing ideologies. When you are in the solution, you are insulated. for example, I see this bad chick walking to class, and she is destined to be my wife, the solution to this burning desire is to approach her , say “I like your backpack; it is Jansport”? and get married. People who are knowledgeable but lack the balls to act, are those who acknowledge these solutions, but do nothing. They can see every move on the court. They know how government should operate. They have the solution to ending famine, but in the end , its just knowledge and bable. You see, to live is a verb . And whether it be past tense , present tense or future tense when are are living in a solution, you are insulated in its ideology, obsessed with its ramifications and hell bent on seeing it through. its all that matters.  I think celebrities , successful business people are living in a solution. Every move they make is one toward achieving a goal. I swear , sometimes I just want to break my damn phone. I spend so much time on Instagram and Facebook worshipping  the falsified status and place of other people, that Im not living my own life.
Its almost like a drug. Every day I start with some crazy ass long list of what i’m going to accomplish and then I end up no where close to finishing it . the problem for me , I think , is that I’m not irritated enough with my current situation. I always talk about what needs to change but the burning desire to really act on it is fleeting . One minute the passion is there, the next hour , its all about articles online.  At this point in my life, I want so bad to change my current reality. Im making a very Big decision to act make my dreams a reality. It was so hard to decide my next move, but it was necessary.
we’ll see what happens.

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