I am a two timmer. You see my poppa was a rolling stone . Like a pendulum he vacillated between the the message from the pulpit and the women he pulled. Pits of hell is what the message has me fearin’ but my abba father must be hearin, what this shorty sayin’. I mean David danced around the law your word dictated , spiritually castrated , demonstrated the ways of the a double minded and yet you…….. Waited.

He’s a man after your own heart . Loved even before he changed his ways , so let me have a few more days . I’m weak , Let’s share the week. I mean can’t you tarry a little longer? You can have Sunday. I’ll come through and give you the obligatory hello. Lift My hands in agreement. amen. Let me tell you something .I’m divided. And the math is really funny.

I’m mean In seven days I live two lives
That only one pleases the three. The trinity must under stand this matrix. This code masked in long legs and thighs has me starvin’.
I’m honest .

Broken by temptation and the platitudes of daily life .
I’ll tithe when I’m rich
I’ll pick one woman when I’m ready
It’s all war between my flesh And my God. And my God…….
I’m divided . Searching for you seems so hard. I want my heart to long for you…. Always . Separated by the devices of man and an ill-advised meal in garden. I want your fruit to blossom in me. To be free from distraction and worldly attraction . Let your cup and the words from your lips be my only satisfaction.
Make me whole


About Literarydimes

This blog is a reflection of me. My random thoughts and current happenings. Enjoy. Engage. React.
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